SIGN OF THE JACKAL: No candy or flowers

Promoshots 2012I have a soft spot for female fronted heavy metal bands, or should I rather say I have a soft spot for great female fronted heavy metal bands? Just like I adore great heavy metal-acts fronted by a male singer. The difference is that the really good female fronted heavy metal-acts are few and far between. Only a couple of acts, I am talking about pure heavy metal-stuff now, have left an impression, and releases by bands like Masque, Malteze, Acid and Chastain will always have a place in my collection. Continue reading

PROCESSION: No spelling error

procession-photoPROCESSION is definitely one of the finest new doom metal bands out there. The heavy riffs, the majestic voice of singer Felipe, the beautiful solos, everything about this band is perfect. Especially the way the band sounds on the new album “To Reap Heavens Apart”. Taking nothing away from “Destroyers Of The Faith” which was an excellent album, but this new one is simply amazing. Continue reading

DEAD LORD: “A bit Lizzyish”

dead_lord_by_micke_ripWhen it comes to seventies inspired hard rocking stuff, in the vein of UFO and Thin Lizzy, Vanderbuyst have already proved their worth by releasing three albums, ranging from solid to very good. Sweden’s DEAD LORD, which tested the waters with a 7 inch last year, is ready to unleash their first full length, and it’s a damn fine one. The title? “Goodbye Repentance”. Continue reading