ASSEMBLY AT DUSK: Epic metal with a punk ethic

ImageSome people tend to believe that the interest in pure heavy metal represent some kind of resurgence indictating that the genre was dead and buried until Earache, Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade (again) started signing new heavy metal-acts.  The fact is, heavy metal was never dead in the first place. It never died during the nineties, it just went pure underground, many hundred meters below the point  where it is at today. There were some terrific stuff released during the early nineties, some killer releases, self financed or on small, independent labels that never were heard by the masses since the once great publications (Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Metal Forces and so on) suddenly started dissecting garbage and the big breakthrough for the Internet was yet to happen.  So what does all this have to do with Assembly At Dusk, a quartet hailing from New Haven, Connecticut in the US?
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ATLANTEAN KODEX: No happy anthems

IMG_4594-BearbeitetIf you haven’t read the interview I did with Manuel Trummer when Atlantean Kodex released the acclaimed debut, “The Golden Bough”, you should visit      for an insight into the early days of the band as well as all the details on the first album. For this new interview, conducted by phone, once again with Manuel, the focus is mainly on the brand new album “The White Goddess”, but I also tried to catch up on some of the questions and some of the themes from the last interview. Continue reading

ETERNAL CHAMPION: “Bringing the glory back to Texas”



576145_348146515290582_1559667118_nFirst, I might come off as a bit self-centered starting an article this way, but I promise, I’ll get to the point. Soon. After listening to mostly bigger bands, and especially the Noise Records-acts during the late eighties and early nineties, I slowly started digging into the underground stuff during the mid to late nineties. Continue reading

GATEKEEPER: Epic heavy metal

gk2Presenting up and coming bands have always been a motivation for me. Sadly, when you have wait for a magazine to go to press, interviews with the same bands are all over the internet when the magazine finally hits the stores, even if you conducted them weeks before the rest. Therefore, I have decided to some interviews which will only be published here at Metal Squadron. If you enjoy this feature, done with Jeff Black, guitarist and main man in Canadian newcomers GATEKEEPER, please click “Follow” on this blog, cause there are lots more to come if I know I have the readers to justify it. Continue reading